Guests Impressions


"My husband and I began our honeymoon by staying 5 nights at Casa Verde in Castel Cellesi. We loved the whole experience. The house was perfect for our needs with full kitchen, including cooking utensils, 2 bathrooms ans a bedroom with a beautiful view of the valley. Eddie was very friendly, helpful, informative and accessible. He gave us a map and a full explanation of all the nearby sights worth visiting. With our rental car, we visited Viterbo, Orvieto, La Civita, Bolsena and Montefiascone. All towns were unique and interesting. The food and wine were incredible. We would highly recommend Castel Cellesi to anyone looking for a relaxing experience that is a little bit off the beaten path."

Sami B, England - Stayed May 2013, travelled as a couple


"In Castel Cellesi I had one of my most beautiful and relaxing vacations. Peace and quiet, beautiful surrounds and great accommodation, really made it."

Julie Robinson, London England


"Thank you for your hospitality and for fulfilling every and all of our wishes. I and my family really enjoyed our vacation. See you next year same date."

Patricia Millar, Cleveland (USA)


"For elderly people like me and my husband this is like a real little paradise. We warmly recommend anyone to come and stay."

Mary McCaib, Toronto (Canada)


"A vacation in Castel Cellesi is an unforgettable experience! I couldn’t get over the friendly locals, and of course the food... Wonderful. Thank you so much."

David Wyse, Sevenoaks England


"Coming from Finland one of the most important considerations for me was good weather and comfortable accommodation. I found this and more in Castel Cellesi. To my surprise I found Finnish spoken in the village! Well done."

Jorma Jyrkilä, Finland



Lying in a crate in the Volsini hills, this lake occupies a surface of 114 square metres, measuring 43 kilometres in perimeter and 146 metres at its deepest spot. It is the fith largest volcanic lake in Europe. Along its shores lie the towns of Bolsena, Marta and Capodimonte. From its waters, teeming with fish (eels, whitefish, pikes, tenches and lattarini) emerge the islands of Martana an Bisentina.


Martana island,of private ownership, is known to history for the tragic story of Amalasunta, daughter of Teodorico and queen of the Ostrogoths, whom legend claims was murdered in this remote place by her cousin Theodate in 535. This island is not open to the public.


Bisentina is the larger of the two islands: it is 700 metres long, 500 metres wide, natural park rich of luxuriant vegetation (especially holm-oaks) and wildlife. It is also of great interest from an artistic point of view. The most important monument is the Renaissance church dedicated to the Saints James and Christofer whose project is due to the famous architect Vignola by order of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese.


Throughout the island there are also seven small chapels: the oldest is the temple of St. Francis - the most valuable, octagonal in plan, is the chapel of St. Katrine. Bisentina, still privately owned, may be visited in the summer by boats and launches leaving from the small ports of Bolsena and Capodimonte.




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