Guests Impressions


"My husband and I began our honeymoon by staying 5 nights at Casa Verde in Castel Cellesi. We loved the whole experience. The house was perfect for our needs with full kitchen, including cooking utensils, 2 bathrooms ans a bedroom with a beautiful view of the valley. Eddie was very friendly, helpful, informative and accessible. He gave us a map and a full explanation of all the nearby sights worth visiting. With our rental car, we visited Viterbo, Orvieto, La Civita, Bolsena and Montefiascone. All towns were unique and interesting. The food and wine were incredible. We would highly recommend Castel Cellesi to anyone looking for a relaxing experience that is a little bit off the beaten path."

Sami B, England - Stayed May 2013, travelled as a couple


"In Castel Cellesi I had one of my most beautiful and relaxing vacations. Peace and quiet, beautiful surrounds and great accommodation, really made it."

Julie Robinson, London England


"Thank you for your hospitality and for fulfilling every and all of our wishes. I and my family really enjoyed our vacation. See you next year same date."

Patricia Millar, Cleveland (USA)


"For elderly people like me and my husband this is like a real little paradise. We warmly recommend anyone to come and stay."

Mary McCaib, Toronto (Canada)


"A vacation in Castel Cellesi is an unforgettable experience! I couldn’t get over the friendly locals, and of course the food... Wonderful. Thank you so much."

David Wyse, Sevenoaks England


"Coming from Finland one of the most important considerations for me was good weather and comfortable accommodation. I found this and more in Castel Cellesi. To my surprise I found Finnish spoken in the village! Well done."

Jorma Jyrkilä, Finland



Bolsena is a renowned summer holiday town. Of etruscan origin, it developed and became an important Roman Municipium (with the name of Volsinii) thanks to its position on the banks of the Lake Bolsena and on the tract of the Via Cassia. It was one of the very early Christian communities and the cult sprang out around Santa Crsistina. According to a popular tradition, Cristina was a very young girl, daughter of an important and rich roman politician Urbano. She was converted to the Christian faith against her father’s will.


For long time she was cruelly tortured by her father and by other pagans but the young girl always came out of it unharmed glorifying God. Finally an arrow passed through her heart on the 24th of July of an unspecified year in the reign of Diocletian. Bolsena was destroyed by the Lombards in the second half of the 6th century and rebuilt by the survivors in a higher position up on a cliff where the medieval quarter still stands today. After this period, Bolsena became part of the possessions of the Church and its story moved parallel to that of the Papacy.


Bolsena is also very famous for the “Eucharistic Miracle”: According to the tradition, in the year 1263 a Bohemian priest Peter of Prague, tormented by doubts as to the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, went in pilgrimage to Rome. He got to stop in Bolsena and he decided to say Mass on the tomb of Santa Cristina.


It seems that at the moment of the cosecration a number of drops of blood fell from the elevated host and stained the linen altar cloth and the marble of the altar itself. The fame of such a miracle quickly spread throughout the Christian world and led Pope Urban IV to institute the church feast day of Corpus Christi. Since 1693 the altar and the cloth of the miracle have been kept in the Chapel of the Miracle in the Church of St. Cristina.


Interesting sites to visit:


 - From the etruscan and roman period, the remains in the area of Poggio Moscino (4 Km from Bolsena)

 - From the Middle Ages the superb castle-fortress of Monaldeschi and the gothic temple dedicated to St. Francis.

 - Related to the cult of Saint Christina, the Catacombs, the Grotto and the Church of Santa Cristina.




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