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Guests Impressions


"Castel Cellesi is one of those perfect places to have the dream Italian holiday: it's a small village filled with friendly characters, even if you don't speak a word of Italian.  It's central enough that you can do so many day trips, yet, far away enough from the hustle and bustle that having dinner under the stars is not only possible, but almost an expected.  We spent an amazing two weeks in Castel Cellesi, along with our friends, and it was truly one of the most memorable holidays ever.  Our host and our resident 'tour guide' was not only helpful, but really gave us the cream of the crop of the local experiences:  the required dinner under the stars, but not only that, locally sourced and prepared dinner, with local wine (which I might add is some of the best value for money and taste that I've ever had!).  We were recommended the best places to eat (there's a reason Italy forms the 'eat' part of 'Eat, Pray, Love'!),  were given practical guidelines as to where to go and what to do, and in summertime the azure blue swimming pool is a haven for tired feet, a respite from the Italian heat.


Some of our experiences that were in excess of our expectations:  We have two toddlers and when our son came down with tonsillitis, Eddie (our English speaking 'tour guide') came with us to hospital and assisted us way beyond anything that was required of him.  Our host (Telly) treated our children with ice creams on a regular basis, and when my husband wanted to surprise me with a new wedding ring, Telly was the one who helped him make it happen, without ever having met us.


The accommodation gave us the impression of authentic Italian countryside, with everything that you need, and our our group of 12 people everyone found something that worked for them.  We were able to take many hikes into the countryside, and explored the are around Castel Cellesi, always finding something new to see and do.


Don't be fooled: this is truly a special village, the people are incredibly welcoming, and in terms of value for money, one of the best choices in Western Europe!"



Casa Amorosa


Casa Amorosa has been lovingly restored, located in the centre of the village, not far from the shared swimming pool. The house has views over the valley and the nearby Umbrian mountains.

Fully equipped kitchen, two double bedrooms with bathrooms. Two balconies. Living room with courtesly bathroom.


Shared use of swimming pool. TV, Full air-conditioning, Internet access.


Sleeps: up to 6 persons

Rates: 150 euro per night